Solid Hardwood Floors

Nothing compares to the richness and warmth of real hardwood floors. We proudly features real wood flooring with options to fit every budget, like our Reclamation Plank Line and our Strand Woven Eucalyptus collection all at a price range that is affordable, easy to install and maintain. Today’s no-wax selection of wood floors will become a warm part of your home for generations.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Featuring Oak Hickory Maple Teak Exotics and More

With classic style and natural beauty, nothing quite compares to the appeal of real hardwood flooring. Our engineered hardwood floor collections feature pre-finished, Premium-Grade wood species including traditional Oak, Hickory, Maples, Walnuts, Teaks, Elms and Exotic African Wood breeds. These floors consist of a durable 9 ply cross-grain construction with 8-10 coats of Aluminum Oxide Finish for easy maintenance that can be floated, nailed, stapled or glued down for an easy installation of your floor in all grades of the home.

Ask about our variety of Wide Plank French Oak and African Mahogany

Come into our showroom or call us and let one of our expert designers show you how we can save you thousands in wood flooring costs with a floor tailored to your individual needs.

Reclamation Plank Hardwood Floors

Reclamation Plank flooring is a perfect option for those who appreciate beauty, longevity and sustainability. Reclamation plank is made for the way we live today. Beauty does not have to be time consuming. Pre-finished construction means the floor is ready to be installed with no additional coatings needed. Because it is built with German manufactured Klumpp aluminum oxide finishes, waxing is a thing of the past. Cleaning and sweeping your new hardwood floor has never been easier. We understand your desire for long lasting, good looking and durable floors. We source from the best companies so you’ll get the best price on hardwood floors for your home.

Reclamation Plank Collection by Heritage Woodcraft

This fine collection features 3/4″ thick, 7 7/8″ wide-plank flooring in a variety of colors and exotic woods. The species available include Handscraped Acacia, Maple and Oak. It’s solid construction and wide-plank width consists of reclaimed wood that is finger-jointed together which adds stability and structural integrity to this solid floor. It can be installed over many wooden sub-floors types. The Handscraped and distressed surface accentuates the floor design which will give a natural warm look and feel for your home. Our beveled design offers a distinctive look that makes each plank stand out. Thisis an excellent choice of floor for the eco concious home or business.

Exotic Engineered Real Hardwood Floors

Terre Verte Engineered Hardwood

The Terre Verte Collection by Artisan Floors features premium-grade wide-plank (5″) engineered flooring in many exotic wood species including Acacia, Walnut, Maple, Elm, Brazilian Cherry, Ipe and Santos Mahogany. The smooth surface has a classic look with exotic colors. Our 9-ply cross-grain construction makes it suitable for installation over both concrete and wooden sub-floors, particle and chip board are no longer an issue. This cross-grain construction assists the flooring in being more stable and allows for a wider plank design as well as the ability to utilize any installation method. Easy, simple and beautiful floors for your home at simpleFloors.

Solid Strand Woven Eucalyptus

Our Petrified Strand Eucalyptus Collection by Artisan Floors features a premium-grade, smooth, wide-plank (5″) solid hardwood flooring made from exotic Eucalyptus wood in several colors. Eucalyptus is an eco-friendly, fast-growing, sustainable and renewable hardwood resource. Eucalyptus, when manufactured in a Strand Woven procedure, becomes a denser floor than bamboo and achieves a hardness that even surpasses that of your typical Brazilian species. An excellent choice for the most beautiful, low maintanenace engineered hardwood floor for your home.