The Out-Sider Meridian Model ASL 250 from Bruno Independent Living Aids, is the industry standard for Exterior Platform Lifts. With special coating on the platform for increased traction, and four different securement solutions, its rugged performance and solid dependability are second to none. Much of the Out-Sider Meridian’s popularity can be attributed to its versatility. Not only does it work on many different vehicles, its low profile allows visibility through the rear window. And the same lift can interchange between Class 2 and Class 3 hitches with simple interface modules installed by your local Bruno stair lift contractor. With a load capacity of three hundred fifty pounds (or one hundred sixty kilograms), the Out-Sider Meridian can handle virtually any scooter or powerchair.

And whether you select the securement package with Hold-Tite Foot for scooters, the Hold-Tite Arm for powerchairs, or the retractable belts, you are choosing the finest Exterior Vehicle Lift in the world. The scooter version, with a three-piece adjustable platform, includes positioning trays and an automatic Hold-Tite Foot. The three-piece adjustable platform is also available with three point exterior grade retractable belts, and an underseat docking bar. This version works with scooters or powerchairs. A third version of Bruno’s Out-Sider Meridian is for power chairs, and features a one-piece aluminum platform.

This unit also utilizes the belts and docking bar. And finally, the latest version of the Out-Sider Meridian: the ASL-250 HTP, which utilizes an automatic Hold-Tite Arm for powerchairs. Together with an open, modular platform. This marvelous innovation secures all types of powerchairs automatically, as the platform is raised. Nothing needs to be bolted to the powerchair. And the Hold-Tite Arm can even be operated with one hand. Simply pull the release lever, and move the Arm to a ninety degree angle above the seat. Raise the platform until it automatically stops with the powerchair firmly held in position. You will note that this version of the Out-Sider includes a modular platform for maximum adjustment. The powerchair’s wheels nestle into perfect position so that the weight of the mobility device, combined with the locking of the automatic Hold-Tite Arm, delivers simple and utterly reliable securement. An added benefit of each of the four versions, is that a user can drive onto the platform from either side. This means no need to reverse– simply drive off forward.

To operate any version of the ASL-250, you begin by removing the weather proof key cover, and inserting and turning the key. Now, lift the control arm and push the Down button. Continue pressing the Down button until the platform settles on the ground. The Out-Sider Meridian’s platform is fully automatic and self-leveling. A very popular option on the Out-Sider Meridian is the Swing Away, which allows you to swing the platform almost one hundred eighty degrees to the side of the vehicle, allowing clear, easy access into the rear hatch or tailgate. To operate the Swing Away, you simply remove the safety pin and pull the handle up. Finally, an important feature of the Swing Away is the weight compensation adjustment.

Allowing for secure alignment and locking of the unit Your local Bruno dealer will be happy to set this adjustment. Safety is always of primary importance at Bruno. The Out-Sider Meridian has been tested to 100,000 miles of use under extreme temperatures and road conditions. An integral part of the center mast is a safety latch, which prevents the unintentional lowering of the platform. And of course an emergency backup system to raise and lower the platform utilizing a manual crank, is standard. Bruno has engineered a rear license plate mount and lighting package for all versions of the Meridian. This standard feature is a snap to adjust–if you need to raise the height of the license plate for increased visibility, simply flip the license plate bracket over and attach with the two bolts provided.

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