Designed for Senior Citizens, the disabled and the mobility impaired, Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company has become one of the nation’s leading home remodeling companies for the senior market. We have service locations across the nation.

Safe Step was founded with the belief that performance and quality still count, and with our exclusive Energy Efficient and Safety products, we have been able to satisfy our customers who demand “the best dollar value for dollar spent”.

We frequently receive testimonials from our satisfied customers, remarking on our fantastic customer service and one-of-a-kind walk-in bathtubs. We’d love for you to be our next satisfied customer.

Safe Step Tubs are proud to be made in America using American made components. We value the quality control that only domestic manufacturing can offer. We provide top level quality and service, yet maintain a low price for our tubs and accessories.

Just how much are these walk-in tubs anyway?

Get ready to be blown away, as some of the other leading Walk In Bathtub companies are selling tubs that cost upwards of $35,000. Lucky for you, a Safe Step tub is no where near that expensive.  As a matter of a fact, we’re 40-50% less than a comparably equipped tub from other leading brands.

England Made Walk In Tubs

These tubs are typically made of acryllic and in comparison to the other types of walk-in bathtubs, England Made tubs tend to have a higher price point.  Pay close attention to what you’re ordering and make sure to ask whether the seller will be installing, or a third party.

Chinese Made Walk In Tubs

The Chinese walk in bathtubs are what you’ll find in most home improvement centers and many of the start up walk in tubs companies in your area.  They are typically the lowest priced tubs, but come with the highest cost of ownership.

Mexico Made Walk In Tubs

Like the Chinese walk in bathtubs, you’ll also find some of the Mexico Made tubs in home improvement centers by you.  These are of very similar quality and price to their Chinese counterparts.

American Made Walk In Tubs

The Safe Step Walk In Tub is made right here in the heartland of the United States.  Because of this, we are able to offer the highest quality and lowest price for comparable tubs.  Don’t be fooled by others that claim to have American Made tubs, tour our factory in Tennessee to see how it’s made.